Dear All,


It has been my honour to wish you, on behalf of the employees of the High Court in Belgrade, a welcome to the official Internet presentation of this court, aimed at showing you the activities of the Court in the simplest way and providing the guidelines for accomplishment of rights guaranteed by the Constitution and law.

Namely, this High Court in the capital city, the former District Court, is one of the oldest and the most significant judicial institutions in our country. In nine decades of its existence it has reflected long tradition, sharing the destiny of frequent social, political and ideological turbulences in the country. Because of its territorial jurisdiction, having its seat in the largest town in the region, it is the seat of creation of voluminous case-law in the region of the Balkans and has a leading role in establishment of legality and regulation of everyday living of the citizens of Belgrade.

Hundreds of laws have replaced each other in the course of nine decades since the establishment of this court, but certain standards and values, representing civilization achievements, remain priceless until today, such as the principle of independence of courts, which was already known in the Medieval Serbia in the Dušan’s Code, much earlier than the establishment of modern judicial system, remaining also the basic postulate at present: „All judges are to adjucate pursuant to the Code, in a just manner, as written in the Code, and not to adjucate for fear from my empire“ (Article 172 of the Dušan’s Code from 1349).

The judgements of the Court have marked the history of the modern Serbian sovereignity. The Court gave a final court epilogue to many important historical and social-political events. After the assassination of Dr Zoran Djindjić, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia on 12 March 2003 and reinstatement of the state of emergency in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, the Special Department of the District Court in Belgrade started its activities, and since then, it has become a protagonist of the fight against organized crime and the most severe criminal acts in the entire Republic of Serbia. Greater responsibility and specialized jurisdiction of this court in the proceedings related organized crime and war crimes, in which historically significant decisions are adopted, caused new challenges and creation of new case-law, in the surroundings of great interests of both domestic and international public.

In addition to its specific jurisdiction, the High Court in Belgrade continued to be identified for the largest number of cases in which the public is particularly interested in - the media cases. It required an obligation to meet the requirements of citizens to have fast, precise and timely provided information on trials but also on organization of the court activities. Daily updating of information on its activities, publication of statistical reports, statements, trial schedules, all this via Internet presentation of the Court, shall strengthen trust of citizens in lawful operations of courts and contribute to the principle of the rule of law.

Accordingly, the High Court in Belgrade will make efforts to continue to monitor the needs of citizens, and update the data on its website, publish them regularly and make them available in order to make a simple and fast access to justice possible.